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October 2018

Beautiful Invention: A Novel of Hedy Lamarr by Margaret Porter

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A Pledge of Better Times by Margaret Porter

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     Thank you for visiting my author website. Here you will find information about my latest novel, the real people and places that inspire my storytelling, and a blog.

     My forthcoming book--my 14th--is Beautiful Invention: A Novel of Hedy Lamarr. I look forward to sharing more information as I update this website, and reviving the blog with new content. For now, I'll simply say that the book will be released in October. It's set in the 20th century--for me, a new time period!

     A Pledge of Better Times has been well-received by readers and reviewers:
“Porter’s ambitious novel of 17th-century England is brimming with vivid historical figures and events . . . rigorously researched and faithfully portrayed.” ~ ~ Publishers Weekly

“A true delight for fans of monarchy. . . Porter does a sensational job portraying the time period and showing how time passed and England was ever changing. . . the relationship between Charles and Diana in A Pledge of Better Times is complex and interesting.” ~~ The Examiner

“The remarkable figure of Lady Diana de Vere stands at the center of Margaret Porter’s sumptuous, wonderful new novel . . . Porter winningly captures both the dramatic societal upheavals and the sparkling wit and court life of the time, especially in the character of Lady Diana, a wonderful fictional creation. It is a very rewarding reading experience – I highly recommend it.” ~~ Historical Novels Review

“A richly evocative peek into a world long gone and yet very familiar to modern readers, with political and ideological maneuvering and romantic entanglements not so different than today's . . . Porter explores friendship, marriage, parenthood, and loyalty as she tells the story of people who were celebrities in their time, and she illuminates the soft power aristocratic women had, if they were allowed to wield it.” ~~ New Hampshire Sunday News

“Marvelously detailed . . . a rich and unique perspective on the times. A must-read for any Stuart-era fan." ~~ Rebecca Henderson Palmer

“Meticulously researched . . . an impressive cast of real-life characters brought to vibrant life. Margaret Porter crafts her story with exquisite detail, transporting the reader into a world full of intrigue, scandal, and breathtaking danger . . . a masterful writer.” ~~ Award-winning author M. Reed McCall

“With elegant prose and vivid detail, A Pledge of Better Times sweeps you into late Stuart England." ~~ Marci Jefferson, author of Enchantress of Paris and Girl on the Golden Coin

“A portrait of Diana de Vere as rich as the portraits that grace British museums and palaces.” ~~ Christy K Robinson, author of Mary Dyer Illuminated

"The sparkling, dangerous, enticing post-Restoration period comes to vivid life! I couldn't stop reading!" ~~ Amanda Carmack, of Murder in the Queen's Garden: An Elizabethan Mystery

     Plans are underway for my annual trip to England. In addition to researching the next project and soaking up the atmosphere in rual Somerset, I'll spend time with author friends and my colleaugues from London Historians.

     I'm a lifelong reader of historical fiction, and thus far all my published novels have been set in the past. As historian, I enjoy discovering ways in which our forbears and their culture seem similar--and yet so different--to those of us privileged to live in modern times. I regard fiction set in the past as entertainment, while being very much aware that it can simultaneously inform and enlighten.

     I often have a close personal connection to the people whose stories I tell. In some cases there's a genealogical tie. Or we might share a profession (theatre, writing, film) or a favorite pastime (gardening, music). Unlike my royal characters, I've not ruled a country--and I don't want to, either! But I've had experience in governing and public service.

     Because I truly enjoy researching my novels, I go to great lengths--and distances--to bring my subjects and their world to life. This website is a place to share some of what I learn in the process.

Enjoy your stay!

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