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      Welcome to my author website. Here you will find information about me, my novels, the link to my blog,, and you can sign up to receive my occasional author newsletter.

     My latest release--my 13th novel--is Beautiful Invention: A Novel of Hedy Lamarr. It's set in the 20th century--for me, a new time period!. My second Golden Age Hollywood novel, The Limits of Limelight, will be available in mid-September. It features Phyllis Fraser (whose first cousin was Ginger Rogers), plus many more notable figures of Golden Age Hollywood and literary New York. Advance reviews have been truly gratifying!

"An engrossing glimpse into a bygone era and the forces affecting a young woman's evolution into her own abilities and adulthood . . . vigorous and involving to the end." ~ Midwest Book Review

"A witty and meticulously researched treat." ~ Kirkus Reviews

"A biographical novel as bright as the Golden Era . . . A lovely tribute to the larger-than-life celebrities of early Hollywood . . . a glitz and glamour novel that shines brighter the deeper you go." ~ Independent Book Review

"A time capsule of Hollywood's Golden Era . . . a captivating novel of Tinsel Town's perils and pitfalls, trade-offs and triumphs!" ~ Leslie Carroll, author of American Princess

"Porter's elegant, warm and well-researched novel is a joy to read! Perfect for lovers of historical fiction and tales of remarkable women. 5 of 5 Stars." ~ Literary Redhead, Goodreads

      My current project takes me back to the theatrical realm of 18th century England. I plan an eventual return to the 17th century, which I explored in A Pledge of Better Times.

I'm a lifelong reader of historical fiction, and thus far all my published novels have been set in the past. As historian, I enjoy discovering ways in which our forbears and their culture seem similar--and yet so different--to those of us privileged to live in modern times. I regard fiction set in the past as entertainment, while being very much aware that it can simultaneously inform and enlighten.

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     I often have a close personal connection to the people whose stories I tell. In some cases there's a genealogical tie. Or we might share a profession (theatre, writing, film) or a favorite pastime (gardening, music). Unlike my royal characters, I've not ruled a country--and I don't want to, either! But I've had experience in governing and public service.

     Because I truly enjoy researching my novels, I go to great lengths--and distances--to bring my subjects and their world to life. This website is a place to share some of what I learn in the process.

Enjoy your stay!

Author Margaret Porter

Author Margaret Porter on Instagram Author Margaret Porter on Facebook Author Margaret Porter on Goodreads Author Margaret Porter on Bookbub

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